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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feelin Blah!

Yuck! I am not feeling well, and I promise to get back on here as soon as I can.  Thanks for your patience and I will get back on here as soon as I feel better and will bring you the latest deals.

See, I am not thinking well, that kind of does not make sense - LOL!!

Until later... Have a great day!



Bre1313 said...

Take care of yourself! i recently came out of a 3 week fog myself. I hate feeling drained.

Guess what helped? I went to a tanning booth (christmas present from my dd) for ten minutes. It's amazing home much more alive I feel for doing it.
Do something for YOU!

Avonmommyof3 said...

That is kinda goofy, but glad it helped :0)
Normally when I take a hot bath or something, I feel better, but not this time. I just went to the doc and found out I have strep, so not fun at all. I am feeling a little better as far as body aches and such - just the throat mainly! I am hoping it goes away soon! Thanks for the tip -