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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Host a Digiorno Pizza & Breadstick Party - Free!

Remember when I told you about Houseparty HERE?

Well, they have anothr new party to apply for! Yummy!
Host a DiGiorno Pizza & Breadstick Party on (or around) March 20th, 2010

Go HERE to apply and if you get chosen, you will get your kit about a week and a half before the party and then invite Friends over to enjoy some pizza and breadsticks and also take some free things home for themselves.  The Party Kit includes:

•Party Planner Booklet — with 6 host coupons for free pizza and 15 guest coupons for $4.00 off pizza

•1 Supreme Pizza Cutter

•15 Party Rally Beads

•1 Referee Apron

•1 Refrigerator Magnet

•16 Drink Coasters

•2 Trivia Table Tent Cards

•1 Basketball "Hoop" Beverage Can Game
Remember, this is all free!  and, if you do not get chosen for this one - don't give up!
Go HERE to apply for this party

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