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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Double coupon event@ Kmart being rumored!!

Keep those fingers crossed, because this is not a guarantee!  I have been reading A LOT of blogs that are saying K-Mart will be doing a double couponing event the week of April 4-10th, 2010!!

Some are saying this will be nationwide and some are saying this will only be in select areas, no, nobody will actually know until the time actually comes, so I am really hoping this is true!

Now, to be honest, K-Mart is not totally organized with these double events and I will always call and confirm what the requirements are at my local K-Mart before I go, and I encourage the same for everyone!  But, so far, these sound like the current requirements:
  • They will double any manufacturer coupon (even printed ones) up to $2
  • Only 5 coupons per customer per day will be doubled
  • no K-mart coupons will be doubled
  • K-Mart pharmacy coupons will not be doubled
  • You can use more than one coupon per trip but ony the first 5 coupons handed to cashier will be doubled
Kind of a bummer that you can only use 5 per visit.  This is not bad for those that live next door to K-Mart, but I only get to the stores once a week as I live 45 mnutes away :0(

We will have to wait and see what happens - this is such a great way to stock up on supplies!!!
I will keep you updated as I hear more!

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