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Friday, April 9, 2010

CVS for beginners week of 4/11

Are you new to CVS? Not really sure how to get started and start using their extrabuck program to your advantage? Below is an example of a shopping scenerio from a sale from sometime in April 2010 you could do to get you started!

If you do not have a CVS card yet, you can go HERE to sign-up for one or you can get one in any CVS.
These are just club cards, they get you coupons, discounts and money back. They are not credit cards, and there is no fee to get one!

Once you get your card, be sure to register HERE so you can get emails with great coupons, sometimes for free items! Your first email will contain a coupon good for $4/$20 purchase!! These are great coupons to get ahold of!

So, here is a deal scenerio to help get you started. You can do your own, this is just an example of what you can do to pay the least amount and give you an idea of how to go about it!

Transaction #1
Buy Dial Nutriskin Body Wash $5.49
And Dove Shampoo $4.49
Use $1/1 Dial HERE
$2/1 Dove HERE
OOP $6.98
You will then get $4.49 and $4.50eb printed on your receipt

Transaction #2
Buy (2) Charmin @ $9.99 each
Buy Duracell @ $5.99
Use $1/2 Charmin from 3/7 P&G
Use $.75/1 Duracell from 11/22 SS
Use $8.99 in eb from previous transaction
OOP $15.23
Plus you will get back 10eb from this transaction

OR, if you got the Vocalpoint Puffs mailer, you can do this deal for Transaction #2 and make the deal better

Buy (7) Puffs @ $.96 each ($6.72)

Buy (1) Duracell @ $5.99
Buy (1) Bounty @ $12.99
Total $25.70
Use $1/1 Puffs
Use (6) $.50/1 Puffs
Ue $.75/1 duracell
use $.25/1 Bounty
use $8.99eb from previous transation
OOP $11.71 and get back 10eb (Like paying $1.71 for all of the above!!)

10eb is a great amount to have! You can save them to see what deals come up the next week to use them on, but be sure to use them before they expire!! This is like money, and nobody wants to throw away money!

Also, try and use your eb on the purchase of items where you get more eb back! You always want to keep getting eb so you can keep paying little oop!

Oh, and do not forget to scan your card at every visit in the machine that looks like the one below! These like to spit out great coupons. These are all CVS coupons and can be combined with manufacturer coupons for an even better deal!

And, also keep a look out for their reinventing beauty mag. These are only $.99 and have great CVS and manufacturer coupons inside. They are normally at the checkout or by the photo shop.

Confused? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Shelby at - The Twins and Multiples Bookstore said...

Hi! Just Found your interview on Stacie's blog. I'm a regular CVS shopper and you taught me a few things! Didn't know they had a beauty mag and I have never seen the coupon machine before (probably because I wasn't looking for it). Thanks for the tips. Enjoy your trip to LV!

Avonmommyof3 said...

Thanks for visiting! I am very excited I was featured by Stacie. She is great. I am so glad you learned a few things for my blog and I hope others do as well. There are so many deals out there and I want everyone to be able to know about them as soon as I do,because those that say nothing in life is free - is wrong - LOL! I did have a wonderful time in Vegas, thank you! But, I am very excited to be home again with my children! I hope you continue to return to my blog and learn more!