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Friday, May 28, 2010

Business of the week

Here is this week's featured business!  Do you have a business you would like featured?  See bottom of this post for more details!

Thanks Kids Konserve for sharing -
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A Common Theme ... Helping The Environment

The Kids Konserve waste-free lunch kit and other reusable products were the natural outgrowth of what two women saw as a big need that required immediate attention. With the premise that any business they undertook had to help the environment in some way, it didn’t take much imagination to see how they, as parents of young children, were contributing to garbage landfills, pollutants and sending the wrong message to their own children. How could they set an example of conservation for their children and empower them to be the examples of change for the future?

Focusing on how school lunch programs operate opened their eyes and propelled them to create Kids Konserve. Calculating the amount of trash being produced each day at their own schools during the lunch hour alone, shocked them enough to begin more research into reusable products that dramatically cut down on Earth’s ever growing garbage pile.

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Kids Konserve has graciously offered all Mommy of 3 Kiddos readers 15% off their order!  At checkout, be sure to use the code: SUMMER15   (this code will be valid until June 30th, 2010)

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