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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

$10/1 Beauty & The Beast plus rebates

Well, Beauty & The Beast comes out today (10/5) on Blu-Ray & DVD

Most places have the BLu-Ray Combo Pack for $24.99 this week
Go HERE to get a $10/1 coupon

There are also two rebates to make it even better!

Go HERE to get a $5 rebate wyb 3 spaghetti O's or Campbells Condensed soups for Kids
There is a $1/3 kid's soup coupon HERE to get the soups at a great price

Go HERE to get a form for $5 rebate wyb 2 Western Bagel Items
*This is nice because you can actually do both rebates.  The Western Bagel rebate allows you to send a photocopy of your DVD purchase, so make a copy of your receipt, then send the original with the Campbells rebate and the copy with the Bagel Rebate!  Plus, all Blu-Ray Combo Packs come with 2 proofs of Purchase tabs on the back of it, so you will have two of those!!

So, cost of Blu-Ray will be just $4.99 after coupon and rebates, plus the cost of the soups and bagels!

*Note: I do not have a Blu-ray player, but these combo packs have a DVD copy in them, so if it is cheaper to get the Blu-Ray combo pack, I will.  Besides, you never know, someday I may break down and buy a player!  LOL!

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