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Sunday, November 21, 2010

AboutOne Review

So, I was excited when Maven House Network contacted me and gave me the chance to review AboutOne.  With my kids being sick and in the Hospital, I did not get to thoroughly check it out as in depth as I would have hoped, but from what I have experienced, this site is wonderful!

AboutOne is a great place for storing and managing your household information!
You can get organized with all of your Family memories, such as their first step, first word, first day of school and so on.  You can also add your photos to memories and create a digital scrapbook as well.  And what is great is, you can send out a newsletter through email to share these memories and photobook with Friends and Family.

You can keep online health records and have them all in one place instead of searching through files to find out that important information.  AboutOne even helps with applying for college!  This is a wonderful site for Family management!!

I really have enjoyed using this site and plan to continue!  Like I said, I wish I could have got into more depth with the site, but from what I have been able to do, I have really enjoyed it.  It is very easy to use and browse through.  I am pleased to have one area to store all of my memories, pictures and records and also be able to share them with Family and Friends if I choose to.

And no worries, this site stores your information at bank-level security!

Here is some more information they have listed:

· It is One highly secure place, online, to store household information and family memories – no more worries about losing important paperwork or losing data, pictures and contact information because your computer crashed. Also, no need to worry about backing up your data – AboutOne does that for you.

· Our emphasis is on speed of entry and intelligent use of the data entered.


o Data entry takes seconds, and can be completed on your computer, via cell phone, or by scanning directly into the system.

o Data can be entered in small pieces, via wizards and templates to streamline the process.

o Each piece of data must be entered only once. AboutOne then automatically updates fields throughout the system where this data is needed again.

· Other manual/paper-based filing systems, PC-based apps, and web apps focus on entering information for future emergency use only.

o Entering information in AboutOne makes it available for both daily family admin AND emergency access.

§ The system can automatically create a hardcover photo memory book including user selected photos and written backstory (other photobook sites include photo captions only) (avail Dec 1)

§ The system can automatically create and mail greeting cards and invitations, using the Connections aspect (available Dec 1)

§ The system can automatically prepare an education report for use during the college application process.

§ Users can maintain “gift logs” for contacts using the Connections aspect

§ The system generates alerts and reminders about appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries – including suggested gifts from the gift logs, and reminders of other details you want to follow up on.

§ The system can automatically create a caregiver report for families to give to babysitters and caregivers for elderly and special needs family members.

§ The system automatically generates a monthly family newsletter which includes photos, web and video links, and text memories.

· If you ever need help while using the system, just click on the “Live Help” button on the top right corner. Our customer service reps will be there to help you. If they aren’t immediately available, they will get back to you as quickly as possible.

The cost? You can get a 15-day free trial with no credit card required to do so!
If you like it, you can then sign up for $5/month or $30/year!

Go ahead!  Check it out for yourself free now HERE!


*All opinions were my very own.  I was given a year subscription to AboutOne to try and review.  I was not compensated in any way to give a positive review.

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