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Monday, April 26, 2010

Book review - The Story of Easter

So, I got this great book from Booksneeze to preview and review about and I would have to say I absolutely enjoyed it!

From the Read and Share Bible brand, this retelling of the Easter story is explained in a way that helps young children understand the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Based on the International Children's Bible, this story walks through the last week of Christ's life and is told in a way that teaches children about the amazing gift Jesus gave us. Events include His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through His appearance to the disciples and His ascension. The "Can You Retell the Story" activity at the end of the book is a fun way to hide the Word in their heart.

We got "The Story of Easter" by Gwen Ellis - it also came with a DVD inside the book with 15 different biblical stories on it.  The DVD was very enjoyable and my children sat and watched the entire thing.  The stories were very fascinating and my Children learned a lot.  My son goes to AWANAS and he was so proud of himself for knowing some of these stories and really liked watching them.

The book itself was great.  It was a hardcover book and the story was incredible, which tells the Story of Easter in a way that a preschooler can understand what Easter is all about.  I even learned a few things I did not know.  The pictures were very colorful and I think I have the story memorized as my children want me to read it to them all of the time!

I recommend checking into this book, it is a wonderful addition for your Library!

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