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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Business Opportunities

I have had a few of my readers ask about legit Home Businesses and I thought I would run a campaign of them so you can learn more about each one and what they are all about and have a personal representative from these businesses available for you to contact if you have any questions you may have.

So, I am looking for people that have a home business you may think someone would be interested.  I will only take one person for each company.  The first to contact me will be the one I will feature.  So, if you sell Discovery Toys or whatever and would like to be featured, let me know.

You are also welcome to give away a free item to a reader if you wish.  I aleady have someone with Lia Sophia and she will be giving away a piece of jewelry - so keep your eyes open for that.  I also have someone listed for Tastefully Simple and Avon, BUT - if you also sell these, please contact me also because I will also list your websites within the special post when I do your company!

If you are not involved with a copany but have a friend that does and may be interested - send them my way!!  I want to help my readers in any way I can! You are all awesome!

So, I look forward to hearing from you!

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